Treatments for men

620 kr.
Deep Cleansing Facial is for the man who wants a thorough deep cleansing of skin. The treatment begins with a double cleansing of the skin. This is done with one of Botanical Extracts 4 different and unique cleansing products that are carefully selected based on individual need.
595 kr.
A wonderful relaxing and cleansing treatment where focus is on your back. The treatment begins with a double cleansing of the skin. This is done with a mild organic Cleansing Product. Your skin will be exfoliated – the dead skin removed with a delicious Gentle Skin Polish.
395 kr.
Presentable hands are well-cared hands. A man with beautiful nails signals confidence and strength. Our hands are constantly exposed and age faster than the rest of the body. Therefore you should care and look after your nails to avoid that they become dry and delicate.
525 kr.
Not just women do care for their feet. You as a man should also give your feet a well-deserved luxury treatment. Your feet must carry you throughout life; therefore you must make it a habit to care for them so they are kept healthy, agile and strong. Well-cared feet feel like relaxation for your body.

Skin care is an important thing in our stressfull everyday life, always chose a facial treatment based on your skin´s needs and mental state. With us, it´s always adjusted individually, it means that your skin type and skin condition determine the choice of products.

At Beauty & Makeup, all products from SAMA and pHformual, are completely free of harmful chemicals and there are no parabens, mineral oil or residues derived from animals. All facial treatments at the clinic is containing skin analysis and professional advice on skin care all the way through the process.